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Have unused Gold ? Why keep hidden inside lockers when you can earn from it. We are Best Gold Loan Company provides loan against Gold and take away the cash with you.

India gold trading(IGT) provides the best deals in Gold loan services with a free valuation and at no hidden charges.

Loan on Gold has become easier with us, thanks to ultra-fast approval of gold at minimum documents required. 

Gold loans or loan against gold is one of the best options available to meet immediate cash urgency. As they are fast and hassle-free, they can be availed in no time and don’t even look at your credit score. People with lower credit scores can also make use of the facility.

Gold loans have gained popularity in the recent decade seeing a far-reaching population availing the facility for different reasons. Gold loans are safe, fast, reliable, affordable and with lowest interest rates gold loan  secured loans. They are, in many ways better than the normal personal loans. People, who are in urgent need of fast cash, should go for a loan against gold without a second thought.


The rates of interest have always been less than personal loans and for the same reason, it is categorized under secured loans. We have a quick approval process and require fewer documents and verification. Sometimes, the verification process is completed within minutes, and you are handed over the real cash soon after it.

Interest Rates On Gold loans

Rates of interest have always been lower in the case of Gold loans than on other types of loans such as personal loans. Gold loans are coming forth as the most availed loans in recent years because of their easiness, fast approval, and lower interest rates. 

People having financial troubles or in need of fast cash, are going for Loan against Gold without a second thought. The rate of interest on these loans is between 10% and 24% per annum whereas personal loans charge at 16- 26 % per annum, depending on your credit profile. 

Features and Benefits of Best Gold Loan Company

  1. High Loan amount– As high as an amount of Rs. 10,00,000 can be availed using the best Gold loan company facility. You should have Gold jewellery/ornaments to pledge for such a high amount. Once, the Gold you pledge is approved and verified, you are ready to take away your cash with you. Usually, the interest rate that you are being charged depends upon the amount of loan you avail. If your loan amount is 50-60% of the total calculated value of the gold, then your interest rate will be lower and it will be higher when the amount you require is also high.
  1. Accurate evaluation – With the help of our team of professional Valuers, the process of evaluation has been made quick and easy. It is done accurately and complete customer transparency is kept.
  2. Safe and secured– Gold loans are one of the safest secured loans there. Your gold remains safe with loan providing institutions being monitored 24*7 under CCTV cameras. Sometimes, they assure you that you get your money back in case of robbery by refunding you with an amount equivalent to gold’s market value.
  3. Flexible repayment options – There are various repayment options available for gold loans. You can choose to repay your amount in EMI’s, which is the most used option for repayment. Secondly, you can also pay your loan amount in advance and the principal value at the end of your tenure period.

Eligibility for Gold loan

Anyone who is above 21 years of age is eligible to apply for a gold loanany . Apart from it, you should also have a valid Identification proof along with address proof and two passport size photograph of the borrower. 

Gold loans do not check borrower’s history and don’t even consider credit score. Doesn’t matter if you are a farmer or a housewife, if you are a citizen of India above or of the age of 21, you are eligible to apply for a gold loan.

Documents require for Gold loan

You should have the necessary documents with you which include

  1. any proof of identification(Driving License / PAN Card / Form 60/61 / Passport Copy / Voter ID Card / Aadhaar Card / Ration Card)
  1. Two passport size photographs
  2. Address proof

You should also have your gold with you to avail of the loan facility. Also, you should check your eligible factors to avail of the gold loan facility.

Once you have all the required documents and proofs, you can walk into your nearest center or bank providing a Gold loan facility and apply for the same. You could be asked to fill out a quick application form and in the time being, the bank’s representative will verify your details and evaluate your Gold. After all the formalities are done, you are handed your cash.


Any Gold jewellery/ornaments that are 18k or above in quality is right to avail of the gold loan facility. A minimum of 30 g of Gold should be pledged to benefit from the Gold loan facility.

You can pay your amount that includes the principal value and interest amount within the tenure period. Various options are also available to make this repayment.

You can ask your bank or lender to pay your amount in EMI. This is also the list of widely used options to make the repayment. Either way, you can also pay the interested value first and the principal amount at the end of your tenure period.

The rates of interest on Gold loans are lower than personal loans. The rate of interest on these loans is between 10% and 24% per annum whereas personal loans charge at 16-26 % per annum, depending on your credit profile.

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