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best way to sell diamonds?

Have urgent cash needs? Wants to sell diamond?

Cash for diamonds will be the finest option available for you. Make your necklace worth it. It’s time your lustrous diamond shall make cash for you. Come here at India Gold Trading (IGT) to sell loose diamond Jewellery  and get real and instan cash in return. 

At India Gold trading, you get the maximum prices for your diamond. We accept all types and sizes of diamonds be it necklace, bracelets, or diamond pieces. Now you can sell diamond rings or diamonds studded in a necklace also. Diamond, the hardest metal known can make your life simpler. 

Being a great sign of affluence and possession, a small loose diamond can be exchanged at huge price money, thereby assisting you in times of financial crisis. However, selling diamonds to get real cash is not as easy as it seems. First of all, not every dealer would like to invest in diamond buying. 

Diamonds tests and evaluation requires many advanced tools and machines which may incur a huge cost to the buyer. Secondly, when people tend to exchange Gold and silver for cash, they are a bit reluctant in the case of diamonds. They fear getting scammed by local buyers as this time, a bigger price is on the plate

cash for diamonds

Things to Know before cash diamonds

Things to Know before you sell diamond If you really want to sell your diamond at a fair price in the market, then you need to get every possible information about your diamond. This way, you will be able to tell everything clearly to your buyer. You should gather every information regarding the 4C’s of a diamond that is – Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. Also, if you know your commodity well, then you will be out of any cheat and scam done to you during the process of diamond selling. The buyer will know that the seller is well informed and could not think of getting you in any false schemes.

Why IGT best for cash for diamonds

1. Accurate evaluation – With Top class Diamond experts with us, diamond evaluation has been made easy and quick now. Our experts look closely at the diamond to know it’s every specification. After proper tests, they would be able to tell clearly about your diamond. We, at India Gold Trading, believe in keeping complete transparency to our customers so that you don’t feel cheated.

2. World-class safety protocols – When you are into selling diamonds, you look for safety. You can easily rely on us as your diamond will be in safe hands until you get your money. Also, you may apprehend the price of your diamond to be higher, but a buyer can only tell you what it really holds in the market. We, at IGT, work with customer cooperation and satisfaction to provide them what they really want and deserve.

3. It’s easy and quick with us – After Joining hands with India Gold Trading, we don’t let you wait for too much to have your cash with you. Our diamond tests and evaluation are done really quickly though accurate and precise. And after you are done with the document formalities, you can return with your cash.

Process of selling your diamonds at best prices

1. Most importantly, you should first look for a reputed buyer in the market. It’s been for over 10 years now that we are in this business and making many happy customers daily. People know us for our best prices in the market and easy to reach features.

2. After that you have searched for some of the good buyers in the market, take the best quotes from them for the same amount of selling a commodity. As mentioned earlier, we have the best price for your diamond in the whole market.

3. Be smart, be attentive- Gather all the documents required, and before heading to sell your diamond, make sure you know everything about your diamond so that you are not fooled by the buyer in any case. During the evaluation, be attentive and take a note to everything a buyer does to your diamond. Ask for a bill or invoice in case you feel cheated.

Factors that determine the price of when you sell diamonds

1.  Colour– Diamonds are rated on a color scale from D(Colourless) to Z(Coloured). These standards are given by the Gemological Institute of America (Gia), the international Institution solely dedicated to the research and training in gemology and jewels. The more colourless is your diamond, the higher the value it holds in the market.

2. Cut– Cut refers to the shape, quality, and style of the cut of the diamond. It shows the finishing details of the diamond, its sharpness, and its proportions.

3. Clarity  – Clarity basically shows how clean a diamond appears which henceforth imparts its shining feature. Clarity is graded by the GIA on the following scale:

4. Carat – People often confuse it with Karat. However, both are different. Carat is a measure of
the weight of the diamond, whereas Karat, used with gold is a measure of purity.


  • Certified and experienced expert Diamond valuators.
  • Free evaluation of your jewellery.
  • Available all 365 days all cities.
  • IMPS / RTGS done promptly & quickly.


We do bank transfer on the spot by RTGS / NEFT / IMPS on all 365 days irrespective ofWorking Banking Hours, Weekly Holidays & Other Government Holidays.


At times of financial crunch or when you are in need of fast cash, you can sell your diamond to
meet your emergencies. A single piece of diamond carries a huge money value in the market
and can really pay you a lot.

India Gold Trading (IGT), has been in this business for over 10 years now and is the most
trustworthy and reliable service provider now. We also have the best prices for your diamond in
the whole market. You can simply trust us for all these reasons without a second thought.

All you need is the diamond with you and a valid government identification proof. You can visit
our outlet anytime where you can ask for cash in the change of diamond and our team of
professionals shall assist you in no time.

You can sell it with India Gold Trading. We have the maximum prices for your ring and provide
the cash to you at the spot.





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