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Looking for the best place to s cash for silver

India Gold Trading (IGT) being in the market for over 10 years now, IGT has the best and maximum prices for your silver jewellery.  Silver is one of the most precious metals after Gold. In earlier times, people used to exchange the commodity for other useful items like grains, rice, and other essentials.  Over the years, people devised different usage of the commodity such as for fabrication purposes, decoration, jewellery, and  sometimes security. However, silver is now being used for other purposes as well such as for acquiring loans and selling silver to meet immediate cash urgency. Cash for silver has now been easy with India Gold Trading (IGT). 

We have the best prices for your silver jewellery/ornaments in the whole market. If you are looking for a reputed and trustworthy platform to sell your silver at the best prices, then we are the best you have got. We accept everything from silver coins to broken jewellery pieces. Even if your silver is old and rusted, don’t worry at all, and kindly visit our nearest outlet to inquire about it and get instant cash for silver .

Things to Know before you sell silver jewellery

Nowadays, pawn shops are the most preferred options when it comes to exchanging Gold, silver, and platinum for cash as you get paid on the spot. However, you may not get the actual price money for silver here. It’s better if you head for professional buyers like IGT who has the best prices for Good and silver in the whole area. Also, it is better that you do some research and compare the quotes from different buyers and finally come to a decision where to sell it. People are nowadays selling their silver online. They search a dealer online and negotiate over the prices to sell the silver. Here you ship your silver through a mail and the price is paid online or the way it is discussed between the seller and dealer.

cash for silver

Cash for silver easily with India Gold Trading

  1. Best prices– This is what we are known for, providing the best prices for your selling commodity. We guarantee that you get the maximum prices for your silver from us. However, you can do comparison research and contrast the difference. Surely, the best prices will be ours.
  2. Within your reach– Now you need not worry about traveling long distances to get your silver sold. You can simply call us to inquire about details and procedures or pay a visit to our outlet where our representatives shall guide you through all the process.
  3. 100% customer satisfaction – We, at India Gold trading believe in customer satisfaction as our utmost priority. Therefore, to prevent any conflict in the future and keep you comfortable and satisfied, we provide a bill or invoice for every task that we proceed with. Also, complete customer transparency is kept until you receive your money so that you don’t feel yourself get cheated at any step.

Procedure of Money for Silver

  1. A well-aware seller always sells at the right place and earns a profit. He doesn’t get fooled by other fraud buyers and stays satisfied. So, here are a few steps that you should take to be called a smart seller.

    1. Know your silver– This is the foremost thing that you should do- You should know what you are really selling. Most of the sellers don’t bother to get into these things and end up being at loss. Take your time to gather your silver as coins, strap, chain, and scrap silver. You should also know where your jewellery or ornament is embedded with other precious stones or gems because the buyer might not include their prices in it.
    2. Make deep-dive research – Research and compare your best quote with other buyers as well. This will give you various options to choose from and also you have other aspects to look at.
    3. Even confused, get apprised – Even if you are confused about what your silver might cost then you can take it to a nearby buyer or pawn shop. They can tell the actual price of your silver. Either way, you can also approach any certified and reputed institution like India Gold Trading (IGT) providing the facility of cash for silver, and get your silver evaluated.
    4. Be attentive – At the time you are selling silver, remain informed about all the steps that are being taken. Like when your silver

Documents required to cash for silver

  1. Selling Silver is an easy and quick process. There is not much documentation required for availing the facility. Most of the institutions or pawnshops only ask for a valid identification proof which could be in form of Driving License / PAN Card / Form 60/61 / Passport Copy / Voter ID Card / Aadhaar Card / Ration Card. Any one of them will work.

Valuation Formula

Valuation amount = Weight of Silver× % Purity in XRF Machine ×Online current Rate for Silver

 (In digital meter) (In XRF Machine)     ( 99.99 % Silver )

Example: – Valuationof 10gm pure coin of Silver.Valuation = Weight of silver × % Purity in laser Machine ×Online current rate for 99.99 % silver coin

Valuation = 10 × 99.99 % × 46 / gm   = 459.954/- Rs



Payment is done by RTGS / NEFT / IMPS / Funds transferred immediately. Irrespective of Bank Working Hours, Weekly Holidays & Other Government Holidays”.


Silver is sometimes known for its good resale value. According to sources, it now costs $16 an ounce which is fairly low.

You can possibly look for a good pawn shop near you where you get your cash instantly. Also, a reputable buyer like us will also be a good option to rely on.

Silver has several uses. It is used for decoration purposes and fancy. Being a brilliant ductile and malleable metal, it is also used for making several ornaments and jewelry

Silver of any type including silver coins, chain, strap, and junk silver will be good to exchange it


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