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Clarity of the Diamonds

How to check the clarity of the diamond?

Diamond clarity decides if the diamond is real or reel. If diamonds have all the quality then it is real. But how to check the clarity of the diamond is a big question. In this article, I will cover some of the points which will help you to identify the diamond. Dont take the diamond as usual which you see from the ordinary eyes. 

It may confuse you from he real and reel diamond. As the reel diamond can not be recognized by our normal eyes or if you look from the microscope. Both look the same when you check them. So to identify the diamond clarity is checked. We check the quality diamond and pursue you.

Before the 1940s there was not any proper method to check the quality of a diamond, different countries and companies have a different method of checking diamonds. Report Shipley the founder of the GIA (gemological institute of America) researched the method of checking the diamond known as 4Cs which helps to recall all the companies to justify the same method of checking the quality of the diamond. By the following method, customers can clarify
the clarity of the diamond by the jewellers and company.

important factors related to 4C method

● Carat
● The quality of the colour
● Clarity rating of your diamond
● The cut quality of the diamond


The weight of the diamond is usually measured in the carob seeds. It is referred to as the carat. The abbreviation of the carat is ct which is used to measure the weight of the diamond. The diamond weight is the same as the paper clip which is just denoted like 200 milligrams per carat. It is divided into 100 points. It is not usually the main factor as the higher the weight of the diamond as lower is its quality and then it will be known as a more clear diamond.

The quality of the colour

The diamond basically has a very low amount of colour. The colour range of the diamond is rom pure white to pale yellow. They are also graded from D to Z colourless and subtle yellow. The diamonds also come in different colours blue, orange, green, red, yellow, pink, white which are based on the grade of saturation.


Clarity rating of the diamond

 inclusion is the main source of the formation of diamonds. Which is usually formed in the process of the mining and crystallization of the diamond. Higher the value of the stone lowers the inclusion. 

The visibility of the diamond reflects the clarity scale of the diamond. Small inclusion The diamond having this inclusion can be found easily by an expert person who has full knowledge of diamonds. Very small inclusion The grade can have large inclusion or smaller inclusion which cannot be found easily. 

Very very small inclusion These types of diamonds have finishing faults or internal faults which are very hard to identify. Internally flawless: In this type of diamond, they usually have surface blemishes which can be removed by a simplepolish that will lose some weight of the diamond. 

Imperfect: Those types of inclusion can be easily recognized and seen by the expert person in the diamond. Which can lower its the value of a diamond.

The cut quality of the diamond:

 important factor of knowing the clarity of the diamond is important to cash for diamonds perspective  is the cutting of the diamond as per the 4Cs. The colour of the diamond will be blurred or with no inclusion. If the diamond has the
ability to reflect the light then the cutting of the diamond is done perfectly.

To recognize the cut there are five entities:
● Excellent
● Very good
● Good
● Fair
● Poor
These are different way to find the cut of the diamond as follow:
Brilliant: If the light is passed from the interior and exterior surface then it is a brilliant diamond.
Fire: When light enters through the diamond is split up throughout the one surface of the diamond. It is usually seen as a viable spectrum.
Scintillation: Scintillation is seen from the flashes of light when the light is moved. The cutting should not confuse in recognizing shapes like(oval, heart, pear, marquise) but indication should interact properly with the flashlight. A quality diamond should be cut where the light reflects from the surface at the top of the crown.

If it lacks in fire brilliance scintillation then the diamond doesnt have the ideal proposition. When we find a good grade range it will allow a budget-conscious shopper.

How to test diamonds from the water?

It was not easy to find the real and reel diamond before the long years. After the research. The reel diamond can be made from the cubic zirconia or glass. So the researchers were trying to find the easiest way for finding the real and reel diamond. If you have confusion in finding the reel and real diamond then here is the simplest method. 

You can try this method anywhere like at home where the materials are easily available. But if you want to make sure of the diamondthen you should take it to a jewellery shop. To check the diamond from the water is one of the easiest ways. 

Here you need only a pure glass filled with water. It is not necessary to have pure water, you can use any type of water.
Then you drop the diamond into the glass. After dropping the diamond into the glass, the diamond started to sink. 

If the diamond is real then it will sink. If the diamond is in the middle or top of the glass then it is fake. The diamond sinks in water due to its high density.

The above article is covered with one of the simplest and easiest ways of finding the diamond.
To find the diamond is real or fake is not so simple. So to find the real diamond you should know





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