How to sell gold jewelry for cash

Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash In India

sell gold for cash

Before the long years, Indians have used the gold for investment. Buying and selling gold is a very common practice in India that helps people to invest the money and help them in tough situations or sell gold jewellery for cash in the economical crisis of the family.


There are various types of options available for buying and selling jewellery in India. Indian markets offer myriad options to buy and sell ornaments. But when you think to sell the gold in the bank then you will face lots of harassment. They never buy jewellery and store them in the bank. If the banker buys the jewellery then the last option remain is to sell the jewellery to craftsmen or goldsmith.

Following it, the owner of the jewellery shop takes the advantage and charge the high amount for the jewellery. The shopkeeper charges different types of charges on them like melting charges etc. Due to this, you have to pay 50 to 60 percent of charges which is not beneficial for a customer in any way.

There is no doubt that the jewellery has been an essential part of human culture and played one of the important roles in everyones life. Jewellery, for long has been in usage for fancy and as a decorative. Likely, It is one of the good options for investment purposes and if you have gold then you can sell it any time for instant cash.


There are many aspects that one should consider before selling gold. But if you don’t know the right way of selling the gold then you are inviting lots of risks to your doorstep. Just looking for the instant cash of the gold will not help you in a hard time. Here are the few steps which merchants and analyze the difference in them.

Once you have completed all your research on selling the gold. If you have confirmed the shop where you have to sell the gold then contact or visit their shop and ask them about the price of gold. How much they will pay for it.

Once you are satisfied with the price, then take your gold along with the original documents for verification purposes.

You will have different types of options to sell the gold in the market. You should be totally satisfied with whom you dealing with the gold purchase. Forex white gold which will give perfect value for your gold.

You can sell real gold like gold coins, gold cards and jewellery to a gold shop or a gold reseller. Keep in mind that before selling the gold in India compare the prices of the gold according to the running market.


● Worth of the gold:

There are many factors that affect the price of gold in India. Interestingly, political developments in the country also affect the prices of gold in the market. If the elections for the presidential post are being held in the United States, then also the price of the gold will be mobilized or bounce back. 

It is because of the fact that the investors are aware of the fluctuating shares that are performing well. It might happen that the policy of the elected president remains unstable then also the price of the gold will be affected. There are different types of the reason that might affect the price of gold.  There is no perfect way of knowing the price of gold. There are innumerable scams that can be done by the gold shopkeepers to make you fool. So it will be good for you to visit more than one shop and compare the prices according to the market.

● Check the purity of the gold:

Most of us go to the jewellery shop for buying the gold during the festive occasions in India. Now we can buy gold online also. But one of the main reasons is how to check the purity of the gold. To check the purity of the gold, the Gold Bureau of the Indian standards has released guidelines or a particular sign or symbol on the ornament known as a hallmark. The process of verifying the gold is known as a hallmark.

Before buying or selling the jewellery, make sure that the hallmark sign is always marked on the ornament. The gold should be of 24 carats. If your jewellery is marked with the hallmark sign then it has the 92.6 percent of gold content while all others are made of a mixture to look it alike. If the gold does not have any sign of hallmark then you will have to make a compromise with purity. It will not be pure gold.

● Bill or invite of the jewellery

A true gold seller will always ask you for the original bill receipt of the gold when you try to sell the gold. This will be also beneficial for you to avoid the argument on the purity of the gold. If you did not show the original bill then the gold seller will raise a question on the purity of gold and you have to compromise with the original cost of the gold. So it’s better to keep safe the original bill of the gold.

Penal charges:

Honestly speaking, selling gold in India is one of the easiest things to do. But what makes it difficult is to find a reputed buyer for it. One of the most important things to consider while selling gold is that you should sell to the shopkeeper from where you have brought. If you sell to that shopkeeper then he will give you the original price of the gold without arguing on the purity of gold.

Remainder text messages/ call/ letter:

The company will send you a reminder via phone call, text message, or a letter. In such a case, a loan borrower can reset their schedule of repayment by visiting the bank from where you have taken the loan to solve your economical crisis.

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