What is Release Pledged Gold

When at times of financial crunch or when you are desperately looking for immediate cash, Loan against gold is the finest option for you. You release pledged Gold to NBFC’S or any private financial institutions providing the facility, and in return, they provide you with real cash at the spot. However, when you want to release pledged Gold 

it becomes difficult for you as interest rates seem to strike in no time and you get jammed between other responsibilities as well. But dont

worry about Gold loan interest rates, we will help you in Gold loan release from banks, financiers, or private institutions. If you are confused about what to do next and unable to pay your loan, then you can directly come to us. We will not, in any case, let your precious Gold jewellery or ornament go in vain. Why shouldnt you get your Jewellery back if its yours


Release pledged Gold How does it work?

It is simple. If you are stuck at a loan, you can come to us by visiting our nearest outlet. There, you can ask to pledge your Gold item and our representatives shall be happy to assist you. We will pay the full amount of your jewellery and purchase it from a bank or NBFC or from any financial institution where you have pledged your Gold. Now, being your Gold with us, you can at any time reclaim your Gold from us.

Process of releasing pledged Gold

  1. You need to come to us with all the documents of your loan. This is done to make sure that its you who has pledged the Gold. This also ensures the quantity, purity, and price of your pledged Gold.
  2. We will have our Gold experts to work on it. They would be able to tell the total price to pay along with interest to the bank or NBFC.
  3. Our representatives coordinate with the bank officials to bring back your Gold. Once your Gold is with us, the phase gets complete.
  4. Then, after proper estimation, you will be put at the best offer.
  5. Once confirmation is complete, you can take your Gold from us.

Eligibility of releasing pledged Gold

To make your Gold pledged, you should be of or above the age of 18. If you are between the age group 18 to 21, then you must have a guardian with you or if not then their written permission along with certain documents. Required documents to release pledged gold The most important, you must have the bill or invoice for your Gold loan. Also, all the documents

related to them are necessary. This is done to avoid any conflict in the future. Also, you must provide one proof of identification (Driving License / PAN Card / Form 60/61 / Passport Copy / Voter ID Card / Aadhaar Card / Ration Card).

Payment options

When we have retrieved your Gold from the bank or NBFC, it will be much easier with us. We will have our Gold experts to evaluate and perform some of the tests on your Gold. This way, we will be able to know everything about your Gold and will put an offer. You can easily pay this amount to us.

EMI options

This is the most preferred option for paying. You can easily pay in monthly EMI’s to us at very low-interest rates. You can take back your Gold instantly and pay later. This way, you will have your ornaments or jewellery with you.

Why India Gold Trading is the best to release the pledged Gold?

At India Gold Trading, we help you to release your debts from banks or NBFC and you must also deserve the profit which is yours. We take your stress on us and help you to get out of the situation as possible as it could be. You must realize that most of the banks and private institutions tell the high of their services they provide but hide the actual business they are making with you. They will not inform you of the market is down and just want jewellery or ornaments from you to make real business. Well, we are here to keep you out of this. For any queries, you can simply call us or visit our nearest outlet and ask for the same.

We, at India Gold trading, have Gold experts professional in their field who deeply look at your Gold, conduct tests, and would be able to tell everything regarding your Gold. With the help of such experts, the Gold evaluation has been made easy and a process of a few minutes.


Exactly, thats what we specialize in. We can very easily release  pledged gold be it anybank, NBFCS, pawnshop, or financier. You simply have to come to us regarding this with all therelated documents and then we proceed on the process. We will buy your Gold from the bank paying full value and when it is with us, you can very easily take it from us.

The only time taken is to retrieve your gold from the bank. When we have your Gold, it will be quick and you can claim it anytime.

Bring your Gold loan documents, the bill to us. Our company staff will talk to the bank and try to retrieve your Gold as early as possible. We will pay the full price to the bank. When we have your Gold, some of the tests will be performed and you will be put an offer. You can accept it to take back your Gold.


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