Sell Gold For Cash

Sell Gold For Cash

Well, you have landed in at the right destination. Gold is a luxurious commodity and more than that, a financial commodity as well.It can be your saviour in hard times as you have the option to sell gold for cash . And we, at India Gold trading provides you with the maximum cash for your Gold at no other charges deducted

IGT deals in all kinds of gold solutions and services from providing Loans against gold to cash against Gold. We bring to you the best rates for your Gold in a licit manner. You get all the transparency that you should and you also don’t have to worry about your Gold as it is in safe hands Selling gold for cash in extreme need of money is emerging as the brightest option for there has been an increase in the number of people making use of it in the recent decade.  But as people tend to sell their gold for real cash, they fear getting scammed by the buyers in terms of getting inappropriate money against their cash. This insecurity is usual. However, selling gold is not as tough as it seems.

When you join hands with us, you don’t really have to worry about any such insecurity or getting scammed. We have the best rates for your cash in the whole region, plus we also give an additional safety service to your doorstep.

How To Sell Gold for cash

Things to Know before you sell diamond If you really want to sell your diamond at a fair price in the market, then you need to get every possible information about your diamond. This way, you will be able to tell everything clearly to your buyer. You should gather every information regarding the 4C’s of a diamond that is – Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. Also, if you know your commodity well, then you will be out of any cheat and scam done to you during the process of diamond selling. The buyer will know that the seller is well informed and could not think of getting you in any false schemes.

sell gold for cash

Criteria of Sell gold for cash

  1. Bill and invoice– As to avoid any conflict in the future, a reputed buyer will always ask for the bill or invoice for the Gold you are selling. You should present the bill of your Gold from where you purchased it. The original bill states everything about the purchased gold which will let the buyer have faith in you and he shall work with you with all honesty and openness to let you get what you really deserve. Also,  in case of any discrepancy regarding the Golds purity and quality, you cant hold your Gold buyer accountable for this if you dont have the original bill of your purchased Gold.
  2. The worth of Gold – Here is when your prior research will help you out. It’s very much important that you are well aware of the market prices of your Gold that you intend to sell. Before selling your gold to any Gold buyer, you should make enough research on the topic and get estimated quotes from different Gold buyers for the Gold you are selling. When you do this, you get multiple options to choose from with their own prices. Now simply, you can choose the one which is best suited for you.
  3. Check the purity of Gold– Hallmarks are more preferable over non-hallmarks. You should check that your jewellery/ornaments have a hallmark sign. It ensures the purity of your Gold. In Cass it is 916 hallmarked, it states that your jewellery has more than 91%of gold Percentage while others may be alloys that are mixed in it.  Non-hallmarked can be a symbol of poor quality and purity. But dont worry if you have the hallmark sign, you can come to us anytime to evaluate your Gold. We use updated technologies to evaluate the gold and tell its purity.
  4. Confirm the final Gold price – There are various methods to check the purity of Gold available in the market right now. Some use acid tests while some rely on electrical conductivity tests. Nowadays, most of the Gold buyers take to melt the Gold to find its purity and weight. This way, you get the actual price money of your Gold and there is no cheat in that. After that, you will be given the final price of your Gold on proper examination


  • We have presence in all metro cities.
  • We are available all 365 days all cities.
  • Free evaluation of your jewellery.
  • Team of certified gold / diamond / silver valuators on the panel.
  • Valuation done on XRF laser machine no weight loss / no colour loss / no shape loss in testing. So selling gold Jewellery is trustworthy with India Gold Treading.
  • We never recommend melting jewellery for valuation as done by other jewellers.
  • We don’t remove beads / stones for valuation as our certified gemologists give the weight of embedded stones / beads.

Valuation Formula

Valuation amount = Weight of Ornament × Purity of Ornament × Online current Rate for 24 Caret

(In digital meter)(InXRF Laser Machine)(As displayed in Google Site)

Example: – Valuation of 24c Gold coin of 10 gums.Valuation =Weight ×% Purity in XRF Machine(10 grams) (99.99%) × Online current google 24C Rate  (39000) 

Valuation = 10 × 99.99 % × Rs. 39000 = Rs.38,996



We do bank transfer on the spot by RTGS / NEFT / IMPS on all 365 days irrespective ofWorking Banking Hours, Weekly Holidays & Other Government Holidays.


At times of financial crunch or when you are in need of fast cash, you can sell your diamond to meet your emergencies. A single piece of diamond carries a huge money value in the market and can really pay you a lot.

You can come with your Gold to our nearest branch and apply to sell your Gold. You will fill a form and provide related documents. Meanwhile, your gold will be checked and evaluated by our Gold experts. After all this is done properly, you can return with real cash in your hands.

There are Gold experts in this field known as Valuers who evaluate the gold professionally. They will let you know the price, purity, and weight of your Gold.


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